Thomas Midena


Name: Thomas Midena

Role: Director, Actor, Writer

External Links: YouTube, Instagram, Website, IMDb

Filmography: We’re Family Now (Assistant Director, 2018), Curriculum (Director, 2017), Merrick (2017) The Trouble with Martin Walters (1st Assistant Director, 2016), Prequel (Boom Operator, 2016), It Takes Two to Tango (Assistant Director 2015), The Insanity Project (Director, 2015) After Tracy (Assistant Director, 2015), The Sketch Files (Director, 2015), I Believe You Can Fly (Boom Operator, 2015),Marco (Director, 2014), Case: Fluff (Co-Director, Actor 2014),Ambition and Aversion (Director, Actor, 2014), Face Your Face to the Cliff Face (Director, 2014), Serendipity (Director, 2014), Old Man Charles (Actor, 2014), Intelligence: Three Part Web-Series (Creator, 2013)

BIO: When a television obsession made Thomas interested in acting at an early age, good gigs were hard to come by. Canny as a koala, Thomas realised he could manufacture his own opportunities to act, and has therefore has become experienced in working both in front of and behind the camera. These days Thomas tries to keep improving the quality of his creative work, and always create things unlike anything he’s done before, whether it be through writing, acting, directing or sound design.
Like a kangaroo to a mosh pit, Thomas recently moved from Darwin to Melbourne to pursue his passions in acting and filmmaking. Unlike a kangaroo in a mosh pit, which would probably prove fatal to all parties involved, Thomas still pops back to Darwin as often as possible to make something new with his recurring partners in crime feat. Nathaniel Kelly – whose website, unless I’m greatly mistaken, you are currently on.

In 2014, Thomas won the Best Narrative and the Best Next Generation Filmmaker Award at the Fist Full of Films Festival, for his films Odus and the Moon, Marco, Case: Fluff, and Serendipity.


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