Short Films

Below are a few of the most recent short films I’ve worked on.

The Trouble with Martin Walters (2016)

Director: Nathaniel Kelly

Logline: Following the growth in concern that the government is involved in an extraterrestrial cover-up, three boys set out to find answers. Little do they know the problem is closer to home than they thought.

Prequel (2016)

Director: Nathaniel Kelly

Synopsis: Three unqualified detectives are called in to investigate a strain of recent thefts at the Trawler Mantis Art Museum. With only a matter of time before the museum’s prized possession goes missing, the trio must be quick on their feet if they want to solve this mystery.

Inconceivable (2015)

Director: Nathaniel Kelly

Logline: Judas is a prisoner of an inescapable force; his own mind.

The Sketch Files (2015)

Director: Thomas Midena

Cinematographer: Nathaniel Kelly

Logline:Return to a world, much like this world, where many (but not all) things are possible.

The Insanity Project (2015)

Director: Thomas Midena

Cinematographer: Nathaniel Kelly

Logline:Charlie is recruited into a puzzlingly formidable experiment lead by Dr Maxwell, who has created something far beyond his own control.

It Takes Two to Tango (2015)

Director: Nathaniel Kelly

Logline: Besides getting an ATAR of 99.95, Danny has one main goal for his final year at school, and that’s to win the heart of Sofia McArtsy. With his best (and only) friend Edward by his side, they set out to make Danny’s dreams come true.

After Tracy (2015)

Director: Nathaniel Kelly

Logline:One boy sets out to find his father in the aftermath of Cyclone Tracy.

I Believe You Can Fly (2015)

Director: Nathaniel Kelly

Logline: Against all odds, a father proves himself to his son.