Saurav Kundu

sauraav kunduuName: Saurav Kundu

Birth Date: September 1997

Height: 180cm

Preferred Genres: Drama, Realism, Comedy

Videography: Prequel (2016), The Insanity Project (2015), It Takes Two to Tango (2015),The Noodle Man (2014)

BIO: Saurav Kundu, also known as Rus, is best known for his portrayal of Billy in ‘The Noodle Man‘, for which he won the Best Actor award at the 2014 Fist Full of Films Festival.

MY STORY: Hola people. My first intention to act manifested in my middle schooling years. Nightcliff Middle School was the school which inspired me to drive down the acting road and I can assure you, it was worth it. It was the ‘birthplace’ for my interest. I can’t quite remember why I chose drama, I think it was just something I thought I would enjoy, something that, and this sounds cliché, lured me into it. I’ve always been that kid that always spoke in front of the class and wasn’t too scared to talk in front of the assemblies (but it did make me nervous!). Personally, to me, being an actor means that one must be able to be loud, out there, have literally no shame (seriously, expect cross dressing and wigs…*cough* Macon). An actor must be able to fully embody someone else, become another person and in turn act like them or that. Yes I am vein but I guess I’ve got those down pat (especially being loud…aha). But yeah, I think I can safely say I don’t mind walking down corridors in a tiger costume, because why not? No Nat, before you ask, I’m not gonna do it!

Throughout the course of my middle schooling years I developed the ability to script write, direct and act in different roles. I’ve acted in various plays, directed a play and wrote a play. But there is nothing better than that rush you feel when you see the audience’s faces when the production is going and you see your friends shine. It’s the moment when you’ve finished that last show when you feel proud of being an actor. Idk, maybe that’s me but it sure is fun. It’s only in year 10 I guess that I felt more comfortable because you’re in a class with like-minded people and you’re doing what you do best. I knew I was dead set on acting after year 8 but year 10 introduced me to a more authentic style of acting with its ‘acting-in-a-theatre-‘ and with an ensemble cast. I know now that the extent to my acting was on a stage but it was a play. Year 10 provided me with a more realistic approach to acting, it was a production, not a play. I experienced auditioning for a role in front of a class of 35+ and had countless and I mean countless, non-stop rehearsals. My ability expanded then and there and it provided me with the feel of how it would be like out in…’the real world’… And I owe it all to Julia and Katy.

Like many of the rising actors, I too experimented with each role that the dramatic arts has to offer. I am in stage 2 drama and am proud to be an actor, but I intend to explore the directing side. My upmost thanks goes to my man Nathaniel ‘three letter nickname’ Kelly who has furthered my potential career and really reminded me that acting is something to be proud of. Honestly, there is not barrier to acting, do it your best, forget the haters and just do what you want and act!

Oh and random shout-out (this was so intentional) to my family for being all cool with my acting, encouraging me every step of the way. The Lad Squad: Joe, Mac and Nat, the film-master himself; Nat, the drama class of 2015, Ciara…I’m gonna stop typing here…TANYA, BELL, K, EBBERS, CALDWELL, KATY, NATALIE AND KATE.


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