Nathaniel Kelly


rem1679Name: Nathaniel Kelly

Role: Director, Writer, Cinematographer

External Links: YouTube, Instagram, IMDb

Filmography: We’re Family Now (Director, 2018), Curriculum (Producer, Cinematographer, 2017), Merrick (2017) The Trouble with Martin Walters (Director, 2016),  Prequel (Director, Co-Writer 2016), Inconceivable (Director, 2015), It Takes Two to Tango (Director, 2015), The Insanity Project (Cinematographer, 2015), After Tracy (Director, 2015), The Sketch Files (Cinematographer, 2015), I Believe You Can Fly (Director, 2015), The Noodle Man (Director, 2014), Marco (Cinematographer, 2014), Case: Fluff (Cinematographer, Co-Director, 2014), Face Your Face to the Cliff Face (Camera operator, 2014), , Old Man Charles (Director, 2014), Child’s Play (Director, 2013), Beware Children (Director, 2013), 13NT (Co-Director, 2012),

BIO:  Writing, shooting and directing short films has always been a passion of mine. Now, being able to share my work with others and showcase it in front of an audience is a dream come true. This website holds my latest flicks, as well as links to additional content including behind the scenes photos and cast & crew bios. I’m from Darwin in the Northern Territory but currently reside in Sydney whilst I study a Bachelor of Screen Production at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.