Macon Riley

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Name: Macon Riley

Birth Date: March 1998

Height: 170cm

Weight: 57kg

Preferred Genres: Comedy, Drama

Filmography: Washed Up (TBA 2017), The Trouble with Martin Walters (2016), Prequel (2016), The Insanity Project (2015), It Takes Two to Tango (2015), After Tracy (2015), I Believe You Can Fly (2015)

BIO: Macon Riley is an aspiring actor and dancer in the Northern Territory of Australia. His acting and dancing career began in his later school years upon joining various performing arts groups. As well as ‘A Bird Studio Films’, Macon is a member of the dance group ‘Cyprus Krew’, which also operates in Darwin.

MY STORY: Acting, theatre and presenting and all that junk started for me in grade 5 at Moil Primary school. We were doing a little show at assembly and I had a small speech I needed to say and when I went up to speak the mic died on my second word and instinctually instead of breaking down like most of my peers would’ve I just put the mic down and just bellowed out my lines while still keeping character, after that Everyone of my teachers wanted me to get into acting and drama and since my older sister was already doing it, it was really fun and easy to get into.

Hilariously enough after this moment I didn’t do any drama outside of the comfort of my house until at least grade 7, All I did was stay at home, eat, watch movies and sleep but with every movie I saw I’d love to take a section of their dialogue and perform it for my parents and sister in the mind space of that certain character. Now let’s close the chapter of morbidly chubby and extremely short primary school Macon and open the chapters of slightly growing Macon, in year 7 I joined the drama the class and met a whole new sort of people that were interested in the same as I (drama and stuff obviously). There wasn’t that much different to it, I was an over energetic mop headed little spunk and I loved to act and everyone used to give me good feedback so it was pretty great, year 8 was pretty much the same except in there I learned to write scripts and put actual stories together.

Year 9? We don’t talk about year 9.

Finally year 10, I’d actually grown into my size and clothes and was a young debonair, I took up dancing for the half of my semester and absolutely fell in love with it and with the second half I wanted to do “drama” but the only class available was “Production” not knowing that was I jumped head first straight into it. It was a theatre class with a huge assortment of people which at the end of the semester performed at a professional venue. I liked what we’re doing but I decided to act and be director for all this, “DREAMS’ was what it was called and it really sparked me to try and take acting on as a career. Through year 11 I spent the year growing through dance and drama and then finally he came into my life, the one and only. The chosen one, Nathaniel Putu Kelly. He taught me how to structure my film ideas and then eventually he brought me into his films.

It’s year 12 and here I am, a Dancer and an Actor, and I’ve starred in my first short film ‘After Tracy’. It feels awesome. I’m a dancer of Cyprus Krew and an actor of A Bird Studio films; I really love doing this and I hope to be doing this for the rest of my life and you know the drill, be famous. Keep an eye out for us ’cause we’re coming.

People I can’t thank enough for their time, teaching and friendship:

Arthur Lariosa, Kevin Neave, Kira Witte, Daniel Mai, Sam Perry, Sarah Calver, Julia Quinn, Katie Cawthorne, Natalie Stephenson, Kate O’halloran, Joseph “the Bazza” Baronio, Saurav “Rus” Kundu, Nathaniel “the knight in shining armour” Kelly, John Naylor and my amazing family, my beautiful mother, Judith Escobal, Dag of a dad David Riley, idiot of a brother Ralston Riley and my amazing sister Leorah Riley.


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