Journey Kelly

Screenshot 2015-06-18 19_Fotor

Name: Journey Kelly

Role: Actress

External Links: IMDb

Filmography: We’re Family Now (2018), Curriculum (Actress, 2017), The Noodle Man (Actress, 2014), Case: Fluff (Actress, 2014), Child’s Play (Actress, 2013), Beware Children (Actress, 2013), Peace I Leave (Actress, 2013), Quiet Days (Actress, 2013), Vegemite (Actress, 2013), Horror of a Teenage Haircut (Actress, 2012), Revenge of the Little Sister (Actress, 2011)

BIO: Journey Kelly is a young actress and artist best known for her portrayal of a frightened girl in Case: Fluff as well as in Child’s Play. She has acted in Nat’s short films since she was only a toddler, with her screen debut occurring at the age of two in Bruce, shortly followed by a The Present in the Box, and The Talent Show. As well as acting, Journey enjoys to dance and play music, as well as drawing, painting, and other art crafts.

In 2013, Journey won a Judges Commendation for her acting at the Fist Full of Films Festival.


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