Extended Filmography

The Trouble with Martin Walters (Director, 2016 TBA),  Prequel (Director, Co-Writer 2016), Inconceivable (Director, 2015), It Takes Two to Tango (Director, 2015), The Insanity Project (Cinematographer, 2015), After Tracy (Director, 2015), The Sketch Files (Cinematographer, 2015), I Believe You Can Fly (Director, 2015), The Noodle Man (Director, 2014), Marco (Cinematographer, 2014), Case: Fluff (Cinematographer, Co-Director, 2014), Ambition and Aversion (Actor, 2014), Face Your Face to the Cliff Face (Cinematographer, 2014), Serendipity (Cinematographer, 2014), Old Man Charles (Director, 2014), Child’s Play (Director, 2013), Beware Children (Director, 2013), Intelligence: Three Part Web-Series (Cinematographer, 2013), Vegemite (Director, Actor 2013), Horror of a Teenage Haircut (Actor, 2012), 13NT (Co-Director, 2012), 13 Minutes (Co-Director, 2012), What Lurks in the Park (Director, Actor 2012), Revenge of the Little Sister (Director, 2011)