Shooting fashion in Melbourne

Recently, I was extremely lucky to head down to Melbourne for the continuation of a project I’d worked about a month earlier; the NTeen Fashion Show. The NTeen kids, mothered by the lovely Jo-anna Egart and her team of equally welcoming chaperones, had clearly worked hard to bring what they had to the table. Although it was […]

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One take blunder

One take wonders almost never happen in my world. I mean, even if someone gets a line right and everything seems to be all well and dandy, I’ll always try and do it multiple times, changing things every take. I don’t always ask my actors to change what they’re doing because I don’t like it; […]

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Insanely close

These puns must drive you insane. Although there’s still quite a bit of work for me to do on IT2TT (perhaps even a reshoot if I’m really unlucky), I’m nearing the end of editing and that makes me really excited. We’re at different stages of editing, but both Thomas and I have released trailers for […]

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Coffee table filmmakers

Filmmakers come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and produce all sorts of interesting videos. Coffee table filmmakers, however, produce great ideas – and that’s about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee. Drinking coffee is one of those weird things that makes you feel grown up and, well, wide awake. […]

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