Insanely close

These puns must drive you insane.

Although there’s still quite a bit of work for me to do on IT2TT (perhaps even a reshoot if I’m really unlucky), I’m nearing the end of editing and that makes me really excited. We’re at different stages of editing, but both Thomas and I have released trailers for our films, which are viewable on our YouTube channels.

Editing is perceived to be this long, arduous task that is usually completed in isolation, the only voices you hear for hours are the repetitive sounds of your actor’s dialogue and the only human interaction you have is through a prerecorded human’s actions within a 1920×1080 pixel monitor. Well, that’s true. But I suppose it’s all worth it in the end. That’s just what we have to keep telling ourselves. If audiences enjoy it, then we know we’ve done a good job. All those lonely hours of piecing together nonsense to make sense have all been worth it.

I really quite like what Thomas and I have done this time around. We’ve kept essentially the same crew, mostly the same resources, and used a bunch of mixed actors, some we know all too well and others we’ve worked with the for the first time. But we’ve both put a lot of effort into crafting an individual film each, and (despite the fact they both go for a half hour each, which is a pretty insane – yes, insane –  undertaking for us at the moment), we’ve made two very different films, in styles we haven’t really ventured into before, and continued working at broadening our knowledge of, well, everything film.

I was lucky enough to get my hands back on a few stills from the footage of The Insanity Project which, while I was the cinematographer, have not seen the footage in any cut so far beyond the trailer. I sure hope it looks just as good as I thought it did on set, and I can’t wait to see what Thomas comes out with in the end!

Lexi salutes in the middle of a forest.

Andrew is greeted by a mysterious silhouette.


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