While we’re trying to take steps forward in making our films more interesting and visually pleasing, sometimes it’s important to take one step back to take a few more steps forward.

I found that when making the transition to DSLR cameras. At first, I found I was focusing too much on getting one aspect of my shots looking good at the expense of not paying much attention to another area. I felt like it was taking me backwards, removing me from the story by filling my mind with too many technicalities. Eventually, however, I got my head around all the manual controls of these cameras and was able to go back to developing what was happening in front of the cameras. Along the way, I had learnt so much about how manually-operated cameras work. This is all that seemingly useless jargon about ‘f-stops’, shutter speed, focal length and depth of field that film buffs bombard you with. But it is actually extremely important to have a comprehensive understanding of these things to work any professional camera with ease.

Nat Thomas Filming


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