The Noodle Man

Lester Edwin is a wealthy entrepreneur and noodle connoisseur. Nothing can stand in his way, not even his hopeless personal assistant Billy. But one day, Lester’s world is turned upside down.


Nathaniel Kelly


Maxwell Conaghan

Lotus Kelly


Denis Franklin

Saurav Kundu


Alex Williams

Natalie Stephenson

Siobhan Monaghan

Felicity Gerry

Danial Kelly

Desak Kelly


The initial idea for “The Noodle Man” came about shortly after production wrapped up for “Old Man Charles” in January 2014.  Concept development progressed slowly until May 2014. From May until July multiple drafts of the script were written with varying story lines, characters and endings. The final script (V5.1) was based on a suggested plot devised by Denis Franklin and Nathaniel Kelly in late July. This is the final version of the film’s script which can be found in the “Official Director’s Script”.


Filming took place between the 6th-27th of September. It began on Saturday the 6th of September at Charles Darwin University, where sections of the outdoor scenes featuring Denis Franklin and Saurav Kundu were filmed. The filming of Lester’s breakdown was shot at Franklin’s house on the night of the 11th. Three days later, the remaining scenes featuring Kundu and Alex Willams were shot during an intensive 8 hour shoot. The following week, on the 21st of September, the scenes with Franklin and Nathaniel Kelly as the busker were filmed in Casuarina, as well as the beach scene- where Lester is reunited with his family.  Whilst filming a shot where Franklin is running across the sand, an accident resulted in the main camera being immersed into the sand. The physical damage was evident on the camera, but luckily no footage was lost. The first section of this take was actually used in the final film. The last two shoots were more relaxing scenes to film, including filming Natalie Stephenson as the news reporter, and Lester at the airport.

A big thank you to everyone who helped with the production of this film, without your help this film would not have been possible. I hope you all enjoy watching “The Noodle Man”!

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Check out the Official Director’s Copy of the script:

Official Director’s Script for “The Noodle Man”The Noodle Man Script